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Reduce labor costs. Improve service quality. We track food prep, classify customers’ orders, handle checkout, update your inventory, and make it all available to you on the cloud.

No more waiting to be rung up.

Give your customers the fast experience they want and free up your cashiers for other tasks. Agot Cashier will integrate with your existing POS to provide customers a smooth experience that saves you money, without any operational disruption.



Cashierless Order Ring Up

Our system watches order preparation to automatically ring up customers. We reduce slippage by ringing customers up more accurately than a human cashier.


Cashierless Payment Terminal

Want us to handle payments too? No problem, we'll integrate with your payment process to let customers pay for their order without the assistance of a cashier, allowing you to save big on labor costs.


Operations Reports

We have an API for you to pull real‑time analytics on what’s happening in every store. Real-time employee-level scoop volumes, station process lengths, throughput statistics, and more.

Reduce slippage from undercharging.

With a 99.4% pricing accuracy, Agot cashier makes 250-800% fewer errors than your current human cashier.



Analytics is our business. We work with chains to help them understand their exact sources of slippage, customer wait times, and potential food safety issues. Whether your loss occurs from over-scooping, overcooking, or mis-charging, with us you’ll know.


Our Agot Boxes are designed for easy installation on any ceiling type. Just sticky-tape our boxes over the line and plug them in.


Want to provide a discount or a comp?  You keep your existing POS system, and you can override the AI cashier at any time.


We integrate with your existing POS and payment solutions and even can use your existing hardware. We’ll do the work to support your operational needs.


We believe an excellent customer experience is the cornerstone of any restaurant business. No one wants to wait for their order to be rung up, or wait in a line to checkout.

Customer Privacy

We don't track any customer biometric data, including facial data. We take a privacy-first approach in everything that we do.

Turning checkout into walk out.

We've prototyped "just walk-out" payments. We'll automatically bill the customer right when they reach the counter, through your loyalty app. Customers won't even need to pull out their phone -- they'll see they're settled up at the payment station! No app? No problem. Customers can still pay with traditional methods such as card or NFC at our normal payment terminal.

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