• From more order customization to food allergies, it’s harder than ever to get orders right the first time.  
  • Our Ingredient Accuracy Process gathers intelligence to identify the top ingredients causing errors.  Then, our team seamlessly works with frontline food workers and QSR managers to deploy Agot’s customized computer vision solutions.

Our proprietary solution reduces order errors by up to 75%


  • Agot’s computer vision solutions understand every ingredient your frontline workers prepare and know the exact standard holding time to ensure customer safety. 
  • And when it comes to getting the cooking temperatures right the first time,  food preparation schedules serve as an extra set of eyes to help frontline employees.

Agot’s Food Waste Tracker solution cuts up to $20,000 of annual food waste per location.

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Reduction in Customer Order Errors
0 %
Decrease In Abandonment Rate
$ 0 K
Reduction in Annual Food Waste Per Location
0 %
Increase in Customer Satisfaction


  • Customers who enter your drive-thru or doors should always feel happy.
  • Our Customer Convenience Accelerator Process analyzes ways to improve wait times to slash restaurants’ indoor abandonment and drive-off rate by up to 80%.
  • Combined with our Order Accuracy Solutions, speed of service increases lift sales to deliver ROI in the hundreds of thousands.

The average annual sales for one Chipotle is about $2.5M. Agot’s solutions lift sales by an average of 3%, translating to a $75,000 savings for every single Chipotle.


  • It’s not just about lines and order accuracy. To shoot for the highest level of customer satisfaction and sales growth our Guest Experience Solutions ensure customers are greeted at their tables at the proper times and that hospitality – from drink refills to getting the check on time –  is above par along every step of the guests’ eat-in journey. 
  • Our solution accelerates table turn time by up to six minutes, increases alcohol beverage sales by up to 5% and increases customer satisfaction by up to 20%.

A Helping Hand for the Front Line Food Worker: Agot’s solutions help workers stay on track with standard operating procedures, increasing productivity by up to 15%. 

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