About Agot


Empower Frontline Workers With AI to Deliver Exceptional Guest Experiences

Agot was founded in science and built by a team of world-class computer vision experts. Our patented technology is purpose built to serve restaurants and rooted in extensive field research and industry expertise.

Agot’s proven solutions have led to deployments with many of the largest Blue Chip brands in the QSR space. Our success has attracted backing from prominent industry stakeholders including Kitchen Fund and Continental Grain Corp, who support our vision of Agot as the future of restaurant technology.

Our Mission and Vision

Agot deploys first-of-its-kind computer vision AI that transforms restaurant operations and empowers frontline food workers to provide an unparalleled customer experience. With every Agot innovation, we strive to ensure minimum disruption and maximum impact.

Our vision is to be the world’s leading provider of human-centric computer vision technology.

What Sets Us Apart?

Agot’s computer vision technology is purpose-built for the food service industry. We are exclusively focused on developing the best solutions for our restaurant partners. Our singular focus on food service has helped us build unique domain expertise and deep partnerships with industry stakeholders to develop innovative AI technology.

Our journey began by solving for the most complex CV problem, Order Accuracy, and applying our learnings towards simpler use cases to build a comprehensive platform for restaurants. Today our solutions address a multitude of additional operational pain points including Labor, Speed of Service and Food Waste.

The Agot platform seamlessly integrates with existing restaurant systems and allows for extensive customization in its real-time interactions with employees. Our solution is location & layout agnostic to allow for unconstrained scale across all units of a brand.

Agot can deliver high value immediately upon deployment as well as additional value over time. Our camera observation of restaurant operations allow for live interactions with employees to address issues in real-time. Our cameras also track previously unavailable metrics to generate insightful analytics and help operators drive long-term improvements in their restaurants.


Agot Client

We have had the pleasure to work with some fantastic businesses, partners, and vendors. We love hearing what they have to say about teaming with us to take their operations to the next level.

“We’re excited to partner with Agot, and the early results from our initial efforts with them indicate a promising potential to deliver more accurate orders to our customers across all the channels we serve.”

Gavin Felder, Yum! Brands



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